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Uusi jenkki RB Butchersiin!

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Porvoon Butchersin yhdysvaltalaiskolmikon täydentää Seth Rowland Tennessee State Universitystä!

Who is Seth Rowland?

My name is Seth Rowland, and I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I have 2 brothers and my oldest brother played football at Middle Tennessee State University and my youngest brother plays professional football in the USFL and was recently in the NFL but looks to hop back in the NFL after the USFL season.

Tell us little bit about your football career?

I have been playing football since I was 5 years old and have played for over 20 years total.

In high school I played at Ravenwood high school where I helped lead my team to a state championship and rushed for 1,500 yards and after that I went on to play division 1 football at Tennessee State University where I earned a spot in the line up in 2017.

My first college game I had 9 carries for 78 yards and senior year I had a 5.8 rushing YA.

Unfortunately my pro day was cancelled due to Covid outbreak in 2020 so my draft class of 2020 was swept under the rug so a lot of talented players never got a shot and I am finally getting my shot.

Greetings for the fans?

I want the fans to show up and be LOUD as I will go out there and give it my all for this city/team so I expect everyone to be loud for the Butchers. We will go out there and look to bring the title back to Porvoo.

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