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Monitoimimies Dante Edwards vahvistamaan Porvoon Butchersia!


Benedictinen yliopistossa pelannut puolustuksen linjamies saapuu Lontoosta, jossa hän opiskelee tällä hetkellä. Opintojensa ohessa Dante on pelannut myös jenkkifutista, jossa hän on pääasiassa pelannut runningbackinä.
Porvoossa ollaankin innoissaan Danten mahdollisuuksista pelata molemmilla puolilla palloa. Porvoossa hänet siis tullaan varmuudella näkemään myös hyökkäyksen puolella.

Who is Dante Edwards?

I'm a Running Back, Linebacker, and Edge Rusher. I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. I like to bowl, play video games, and cook.

Tell us about your career?

I've been playing football for a little over 10 years. Played my high school football at Liberty North High School where I was named Defensive MVP my senior year. Played college football at Benedictine College where I played in a national championship and led my team in sacks. Currently at Leeds Beckett Unicersity finishing up my master's degree and playing football there. Hopefully winning a national championship!

Why you chose Porvoon Butchers?

I chose Porvoon because I wanted to continue my career with a program that has a championship culture.

What we can except from you in Season 2022?

You can expect a lot of excitement on both sides of the ball from me. There's a lot of things I can do on the field, and I can't wait to do all of those things for the Butchers.

What do you know about Finland?

Dont know too much about Finland haha. I know the sun is out really long, which sounds really nice because I'm coming from the UK where the sun is never out.

Welcome @dante_jovan_edwards! 🔥

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