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Richard Bachand on uusi päävalmentajamme!

Kuva: Jari Turunen


Coach Bachand saapuu Connecticutin osavaltiosta, jossa hän on valmentanut vuodesta 1983. Hän on uransa aikana valmentanut monia ikäluokkia aina PW sarjasta High Schooliin. Viime vuosina hän on toiminut omistajana ja päävalmentaja omassa SemiPro joukkuueessaan.

Mielenkiintoinen asia myös Bachandista on, että hänen SemiPro joukkueessaan on pelannut 170 ehdonalaisvankia, joista vain yksi on syyllistynyt rikoksiin uudestaan. Hän on pitänyt huolta, että pelaajat saavat töitä ja ovat kiireisiä jenkkifutiksen parissa, jotta heillä olisi mahdollisuus rakentaa elämä uudestaan.

Kysyimme Richardilta muutamia kommentteja urastaan ja tulevasta vuodesta:

Who is Coach Bachand?

I have an aggressive coaching style both offensively and defensively. I have moved my national championship program to newington ct our new name is the ct brawlers I solely coach this team our record is 48 and 6 in the past 4 years i have sent 12 players overseas to play i have become one of the afe USA national football teams coaches on my off season. Nobody will ever out work me.

Tell little bit about your coaching career?

I have been coaching football since 1983. I belonged to a staff that accomplished 3 youth national championships. I coached 13 years in high school, which consisted of a variety of coaching opportunities such as; special teams coach, offensive and defensive line coach, QB coach, offensive coordinator as well as defensive coordinator. Of those 13 years, I accomplished 5 Connecticut high school state championships.

Best memory from your coaching career?

My best memory is First year coaching HC. Our team didn’t win a single game year before and one of the greatest memory was that when those kids finally got their first win.  

What we can expect for Butchers in 2022?

We are going to have a lot of fun on and off the field. You don’t want to miss this year if you are a player! We are scoring lots of point each week and everybody’s getting their share. It’s going to be an exciting year. Hopefully many fans come to see our games because its going to be worth it and we are going to put a show.

What do you know about Finland?

I have spended a lots of time in internet checking out facts about Finland. Its a very beautiful country with lots of lakes. All the people I have talked with have been very kind. Im very excited to learn more things about Finland.

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