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Dana Plantt Porvoon Butchersiin!


192cm laitahyökkääjä on innoissaan mahdollisuudesta liittyä Porvoon Butchersiin! Dana on valmentaja Richardille tuttu mies sillä tämä valmensi häntä kaudella 2019.

Dana on jo nyt osoittanut olevansa joukkuepelaaja, joka tulee auttamaan joukkuetta ja koko seuraa laajalla rintamalla! Suuren koonsa puolesta Dana tulee varmasti olemaan iso uhka kentällä pituudensa vuoksi.

Who is Dana Plantt?
Im a wide receiver, kick/punt returner, and defensive back. Im a energetic, humble kid from Meriden Connecticut. I love to play video games, watch movies, and eat any kinda of food.

Tell us about your career?
I started playing football when I was 8. Played high school ball from a small high school called Francis T Maloney. Played prep football an won a national championship. Then ended up playing semi pro and playing in two championships. I’m currently now working for a truck parts company an training for the upcoming season with the Butchers.

Why would you choose Porvoon Butchers?
I chose to be a Butcher because I want to be apart of a great organization. I want to be able to contribute to winning championships and put my stamp in Butcher history.

What could we expect from you in season 22?
Expect the unexpected haha. I love to make the big plays an they can come at any moment of the game. I’m excited to showcase what I can do in a butchers jersey.

What do you know about Finland?
I don’t know much but from the research I’ve done Finland looks beautiful. I want to try the all the food and learn about the history.

#porvoo #porvoonbutchers

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